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Sep 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama / Dear Sen. McCain

Late last month, a video titled "Dear Mr. Obama" was released by Iraq veteran Joe Cook.*  See below for his video (which has now been viewed ~9.5 million times) and further below for the new "Dear Sen. McCain" video, released today by Iraq veteran and Durham resident Jon Kuniholm (256 views so far).  Note the parallel "walkaways" at the end of each video.

From what few stats I've seen, military voters are split different ways between McCain and Obama.  In an August poll, the majority of current military and veterans were clearly in support of McCain.  But if you split by age, younger military voters are pulling for Obama.  I recently saw an article about the US Naval Academy, and unless my memory is way off, the pull quote showed midshipmen preferring Obama to McCain by a wide margin.  If I recall, it was an informal poll from earlier this year, before the Democratic primary was complete.  None of them were pulling for Clinton.**


*Cook is uncredited in the YouTube notes, but his name is mentioned in coverage elsewhere.

**in an October 1992 poll of my executive MBA class, the ~60 of us voted for Clinton, Bush I, and Perot in almost exactly the same fraction as the US electorate voted a few weeks later.  As my Republican friend and classmate said at the time, "It's hopeless.  If we can't win here, we've got no chance."

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13,642 views now. I'll probably vote for Obama myself. I dislike politicians in general, but I despise dishonesty, and McCain's campaign is exploring new lows in the mudslinging. My assumption has always been that when the attack goes ad hominem, it's because the attacker has run out of meaningful things to say. Besides, McCain may kick the bucket on day 2 in office, and though I have great respect for Palin, I also have great respect for Julia Roberts, but I wouldn't want to task her with running the country. Apologies to Julia for the comparison.

Posted by: Doc | Sep 30, 2008 8:36:17 AM