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Sep 25, 2008



Do you remember Divaville on WXDU?  Of course you do.  And of course you know it's now hosted at KMHD in Portland, Oregon, ever since Christa broke three thousand east coast hearts with her three-thousand mile move to the Pacific Northwest.

Above from last night, a shot of Tony Starlight hosting Christa on the stage of his Supper Club and Lounge, during their second Divaville Listener's Party.  I can't recall whether he was serenading or speaking to her in that particular moment. With Tony it could be either.

I'm enjoying a short visit in Portland with all its nice people, rich culture, and fantastic scenery.  Last night at Tony's it was fun to see several dozen of Christa's local Divaville fans treat her like the celebrity that she is.  Despite the cool weather up here, people find ways to be warm.  I shared a table with two of Christa's friends and two new acquaintances who had each come solo to the evening, open to making new friends.


Photo taken with Christa's little Canon, I think.  A fantastic little camera with a "twilight photo" setting, which I used for this shot.

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