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Jul 30, 2008

Salt Lake City Public Library, Part II

In the Part I: a T-shirt and a professional photo.

Today, a telephone photo from the roof, looking southwest toward the Wasatch Mountains:


AND two wholly unprofessional videos important only because one of them takes you on a rooftop view of Salt Lake City and the nearby mountains. Download salt_lake_city_public_library_rooftop.3gp  This first video starts at the top of the 6-story arcing stairway that goes all the way to street level.   I've never seen anything like it and I think it's very cool.  At 1:25 in the movie, you can briefly see the bottom end.  Oh and cute: the top stair is marked "The beginning" (text oriented to be read if you're facing downhill) and "The end" (oriented the other way, of course).

Here's the other crappy video.  Which may or may not make you think you're inside a Star Trek set:

Download salt_lake_city_public_library_interior_elevator_ride.3gp

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