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Jul 05, 2008

Dancing and Snarking with "Where The Hell is Matt?"

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Things like this make me cry like a happy bride.  Matt travels the world and gets people to dance with him.

The Where the Hell is Matt FAQ made me laugh almost as much as the video made me cry.  Turns out that Matt traveled on Stride Gum's nickel, and he's low-key snarky (or at least awfully cavalier) in responding to his fan questions.

I'm too lazy/chicken to come up with and execute anything like this dance video* while I'm traveling, but I'm glad that Matt did it.  And I'm glad that Stride "The ridiculously long lasting gum"** sponsored him.   I look forward to being wealthy so that I can sponsor stuff (or at least give out awards).


*some time ago I wanted to tour the world visiting libraries.  I'd take photos and do interviews.  I guess I could try that, though I'm feeling less excited about it than I used to -- perhaps because the internet has replaced a whole lot of what used to make libraries magic for me.

**coming soon, a blog on Black Black gum.

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i love matt's dancing. There's a whole area for comments from the people who danced with him. i cried a bit, too.

Posted by: stew | Jul 5, 2008 4:27:01 PM

Thanks for following along! Here's to Honduras -- that rocks that you've kept up the traveling! I guess once you start, it's hard to stop, eh? There's just so much world to see, so many people to meet.


Posted by: Hilary | Jul 6, 2008 1:06:39 PM

Pal J reports:

are from a poem by this guy:


The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day...

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life that shoots in joy
through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life that is rocked
in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life
and my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.

Posted by: Phil | Jul 6, 2008 10:05:38 PM

I saw the Matt Dancing video a week or two ago, and you're right, I totally teared up. :-) And the FAQ responses were delightfully snarky.

Re: libraries, I biked to the Durham downtown library last Thursday, and it was a lovely and excellent experience. I'd not gone to a library in the middle of a summer day - much less biked to one - in years and years. To be able to go in and spend an hour or two or three in the cool inside, with quiet and books all around... ahhhh. :-) I love it.

Posted by: Grace | Jul 11, 2008 10:35:08 AM