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Jul 28, 2008

Balls of Salt Lake Fury


So far, Salt Lake City is more like salty sweat city. 

Above, my Aunt Beth's husband Karry and his home court table with deer in the basement, where I've spent more waking hours than anywhere else in the State of Utah.  After five days, I'm 19-26 against Karry, 5-3 against other relatives.  Karry's definitely got my number but I think I make him run more than he's used to, so I can take comfort in that.

My psychological wiring at ping pong:  After a couple of "on" games when my speed and spin completely gel, I start second guessing my body and immediately lose confidence in my topspin control.  This is invariably followed by either (a) a boring and less effective mess of pushing or slicing the ball back, or (b) completely spastic smashes that can go anywhere including backward.  Then after I lose a few games, my mind relaxes and the body re-starts doing what it's supposed to.  Maddening.* 

Ballsoffuryposter1 BTW, have you seen Balls of Fury?  It has a few great moments that had me in stitches but the rest, not so much.  Star Dan Fogler is played as a discount Jack Black (in the same way Jacob Pitts is a discount David Spade in EuroTrip).  Some of the ping pong scenes are great (especially the ones with Maggie Q) but not long enough.  Perhaps best is James Hong as the ping pong master.  You may remember him as the maitre-d' in Seinfeld's The Chinese Restaurant. Hong was born in Minneapolis.


*I also have this problem with tennis, but not with pool.  I play no other sports.  I do not recall having this problem when I used to fence.

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OMG my in-laws have that same wallpaper forest in their basement! No ping pong, though. That would be cool.

Posted by: Valerie | Jul 28, 2008 8:27:59 PM

Phil, that wallpaper mural is hilarious . . . and totally reminds me of the one we had while growing up. Eeks!

Posted by: Lisa | Jul 28, 2008 11:46:35 PM

What? That wasn't real?

I'll be heading east on the 6th Phil. If you're going to be this way before that, stop in. Otherwise, I'll see you in Charleston or Durham. Safe journey! Doc.

Posted by: Doc | Jul 29, 2008 2:42:13 AM