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Jul 31, 2008

A Pattern, Once Set, May Last for a Lifetime

A conversation between one of my Asian friends who had just moved from DC to Raleigh and her mother (who lives abroad):

Asked the mother, "But what are you doing for meals? Have you found a grocery?"

"Yes, we have many groceries here.  And restaurants."

"But how are you going to manage everything? Who is taking care of the yard?  And what if your car breaks down, do you know where to find a mechanic?"

"Really, I can handle it.  Everything will be fine."

"Oh, you should have never gotten divorced!  You should have stayed in DC with [husband].  Oh, I'm so worried that you won't be able to look out for yourself..."

"Mother, I am sixty years old!"

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Had a similar sort of backwards moment recently. You probably know my spouse of 21 yrs decided last fall that marriage was no longer for her. About the same time, the daughter of a mentor of mine discovered that her spouse of 13 yrs was leading a second life, with a second family. About four months later, with so much in common and already connected for years on a cerebral level, we realized there was potential for a great deal more. But having been a friend of the family for 17 years, it seemed only appropriate to seek the Dad's blessing. I asked, awkwardly, for permission to date the daughter (though we'd not even seen one another in about six years). The father, a smile audible in his voice, said simply, "Well . . . Chris . . . she's thirty-five years old." :-) Still seemed appropriate to ask.

Posted by: Doc | Aug 1, 2008 9:52:54 AM