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Jun 30, 2008

This Morning This Morning

A joke about jazz musicians is that they don't realize that 10 o'clock actually comes twice in one day. As for me, today I had two mornings.

From my first morning at Omega Tours Lodge in Honduras, Alexandra and her elegant work of flowers and grasses:


She proudly pointed out that she found all the blossoms loose on the ground, and plucked nothing except for the grass at center. 

I hope you can see how pretty her work is (click to make larger), with different plants at the center of each "petal".  She really has a fine eye.  On the previous night, her sister made a big heart that everyone carefully stepped around.  I think one of the dogs messed it up, but that was a fine excuse for Alexandra to start a new piece.  (Makes you think of the monks and their mandalas, doesn't it?)

After breakfast, I scooted downhill to La Ceiba from which I hoped to catch the 10 a.m. bus to San Pedro Sula.  But there weren't any seats left so my new travelpals Ben and Mariam joined me for a fun few hours at the mall where I got some work done, too.  Yay for the few hours of delay!

And after the redeye flight from San Pedro Sula, here I am blogging from JFK airport for morning number two.  Here's the sunrise:


Those odd lights in the sky?  Not proof that the MIB movies were speaking truth.  Just reflections of lights in the terminal hallway.  Sorry.

After a month of ample and often-yummy meals for ~$4 to $8, it's a surprise to see airport sandwiches in plastic wrap for $7.95.  The music on the JFK public address system also surprises.  They just went from Kool and the Gang's "Cherish the Love" to Feist's "One Two Three Four" (see here for Feist pitching iPods.)  And a few songs later, Karla Bonoff's "Personally" followed by someone's cover of Joni Mitchell's "River"


A great travel writer (whose name escapes me at the moment) says that travel ought be done as much as possible by land (or water) and by daytime so you can feel yourself moving across the world.  Airline travel at night may as well be a teleporter for the disconnect from geography.  Next up for me: a cross-country US road trip, most of which will happen with daylight driving, I suspect.  We'll see how I feel about airplanes after a few thousand miles of that.

Unrelated note: the first message you get upon arriving in the United States via JFK is the public address system telling you not to accept rides from unsanctioned cab or limo drivers, who might overcharge you and might not be insured.  "Welcome to America.  Don't trust people."  Though to be honest, this is not far from the experience you'd get in, say, Cuba or Honduras.

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Before you get all bent out of shape about a "cover" of Joni Mitchell's "River", my guess is that it was the Corinne Bailey Rae version off of Herbie Hancock's "The Joni Letters".

It won the grammy for best album this year, and it is amazing.

Posted by: Tarus | Jun 30, 2008 8:21:05 AM

Playing any version of River before Thanksgiving in public ought to be an offense punishable by public humiliation.

Posted by: barry | Jun 30, 2008 10:35:13 AM

Greetings now from NC where I've just had a few hours of sleep. Sleep! In which I dreamed of traveling in Honduras...

Regarding the cover -- it was a nice one, but with an arrangement so close to the original that it took me a few moments to notice that the voice was not Joni's. I wasn't distressed at the cover -- just surprised. But I would generally recommend that any cover artist vary things a bit from the original.

Regarding Barry's comment -- yeah, I think you're right! Thought of you while sitting in New York. With a longer layover I would have run into town for a bite to eat or something.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 30, 2008 5:53:27 PM

The radio show we listen to on Sunday mornings plays a different cover of River every week from Thanksgiving to Christmas...there's a few of them.

Posted by: cd | Jul 2, 2008 8:42:25 AM

Glad you're back safe, Phil. Have a happy fourth!

Posted by: Doc | Jul 3, 2008 3:05:25 PM