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Jun 29, 2008

Green Housing!


Note the green roof :-)  This unoccupied (?) cabin is on the eastern bank of the Rio Cangrejal.  Across the river (not visible here) is the Pico Bonito reserve.  A large fraction of Honduras (~40% by some counts I've read) is protected from development.  Illegal logging, etc., has been rampant in the past but some folks at the Omega Jungle Lodge where I've been staying say that in the last few years, deforestation has decelerated dramatically. 

Government commitment (i.e., military guarding against illegal removal of timber) that has come in part from encouragement/pressure by Honduran and international environmental groups has been the key element.

"I hate to say it but money and guns are the only two things that people understand here," says one European expat who has been doing ecological work in Honduras for some years.

Honduras has incredible natural resources: gorgeous mountains and coast, good weather, ease-of-access from developed economies...  All the physical resources you'd need to succeed at, say, sustainable tourism.  What's missing?

In any case, I surely encourage you to visit Honduras.  More posts on the place shortly, probably after I get back to the US on Monday.

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