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Jun 24, 2008

"A Three... Hour... Tour"

You start out on a nice catamaran sail around Utila with Dave and Captain Lisa:


And stop for nice snorkeling atop the coral reefs by Water Cay:


And then, 8 hours later, having made it 7/8 around the island (about 300 yards off the bottom-left point with the big breakers that would pretty much smash you to bits):


...the wind dies (as it never ever does just before sundown). 

So you (eventually) flag down a fishing boat and get your butts towed in:


Re-live the relief, in video: Utila Sail Tow In (6 MB) Mpeg

Dave's version of the story is here at Borogoves' "Third Way Round Utila".  He remembers us as being further out of danger than I recall.  But either way, we didn't feel like getting stranded on the water after sundown, not sure which way the currents would take us.  Yay for the fishing boat.


Aerial photo of Utila (looking west-southwest) from somewhere on the web.  Our trip started at the center of the populated bay, and our mid-day stop was at the tiny cays sort of visible at center top of photo.

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