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Mar 28, 2008

Taverna Nikos, Revived and Slightly Revised

At long last, Taverna Nikos is re-opened at Brightleaf Square.*  The calamari are as good as I remembered them.  They've redecorated just a little.  The accent colors seem to be different now -- much more blue (on the walls, in the trim, in the napkins?) than I remember.  But I'm horribly bad for remembering colors, so maybe I'm just confused.

The menu is shorter -- one big sheet, laminated.  The bread now has seeds and whatnot (instead of being plain white) but the butter is still as yummy, as is the olive oil.



*OK, so I know it's been open for a month or so now.  But after being closed for so darned long, it still feels "just" re-opened to me.

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