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Mar 31, 2008

Shrimp on a Stick, Peeled or Not, and Maybe in a Biscuit?

I love shrimp on a stick.

Below, two ways I've seen it as of late:


The first (above) at Carnaval in Mérida MX.  15 pesos (~$1.40) for a long stick of medium shrimp, shell on, basted in a chili dressing, and topped with salt and a squirt of lime.  You can eat the semi-crunchy shell, or you can peel it off.  I eat it for the texture and the flavor.  Makes me happy.  15 pesos was sort of pricey for the product in Mexico, but not when you consider that you're buying it in the middle of Carnival where the prices are inflated for the event.  Beer on the street was 20 pesos.  Walking down the street drinking beer and eating shrimp on a stick on a warm February night, to the sound of a dozen salsa bands: priceless.  Vocab for those interested: camarones a la parrilla ("shrimp on the grill") or brochetas de camarón ("shrimp skewers").


This second set of shrimp is available at A Southern Season for $18/lb.  Much prettier, for sure, with the big peeled shrimp nicely yin-yanged on the skewer.  I didn't try them, but I enjoyed snapping the pic.  On a later visit, the kitchen folks had fanned out ~40 skewers in a lovely pattern that looked like an upside down palm leaf hat. <-click it, it's pretty!  Of course one challenge of pretty food displays is designing them so they'll continue to look good as the supply diminishes.  I didn't hang around to watch.

Most importantly: you might notice the one dark biscuit that looks like it has a fossilized shrimp at top (imagine that the tail is at ~11 o'clock, and the body curls around clockwise.)  I know now that I was just seeing things, but Ho-lee-crap -- what an idea!  Shrimp dropped onto biscuit dough before it goes into the oven?  A most nouvelle Southern canape, don't you think?  I'll have to try this.  The shrimp might need a little cooking before it goes onto the batter, etc. etc.  Must do lots of testing, etc. etc.

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I read this earlier tonight but now I must admit I can't stop thinking 'bout that shrimp-biscuit. Wow. *drool*

Posted by: Durham Bull Pen | Apr 1, 2008 12:35:20 AM