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Mar 19, 2008

Puritanism and Jealousy

Lord help you if you want an actual citation for Mencken's quote on Puritanism, but it goes something like this:

‚ÄúPuritanism:  The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy"

I think I heard it before as

"...someone, somewhere, may be having fun."

Which relates to one of my new definitions of jealousy:

Jealousy: the haunting fear that someone in particular may be having more fun than me, in some particular way.

Just a little something I've been wrestling with lately.  Breathing and prayer help, followed by the brain reminding myself that I have it very good, indeed. 

Do you ever get jealous?  What ever do you do to fix it?

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I used to get a lot more jealous in the past. I'm not sure what's changed, except that I finally had my heart good and broken once and for all and was mad as hell about it, and then , not too much later, realized that I was actually far better off. Ever since then, I think I've been much happier with who and where I am.

That's romantic jealousy in particular, but I still get some other types of jealousy like professional jealousy or accomplishment envy or something. But I think the root of the jealousy issue is self-esteem based. So anything that improves your self-esteem helps to defeat jealousy. Also, a good massage goes a long way towards improving my mental state. :)

Posted by: Celeste | Mar 19, 2008 5:46:05 PM