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Mar 28, 2008

NCCU Baseball at Durham Bulls Athletic Park


Above, from game 1 of a doubleheader between NCCU and Elizabeth City State.  As you can see, there weren't too many spectators for the double loss (1-8 and 10-13), but it was a mid-week day-game, and the weather was cold.  So who could blame anyone?  [I'll save my commentary on "why do college students take time off from classes to play sports?" question for later.]

NCCU revived its baseball team this spring after a 33-year hiatus.  Their return has been marked in style: with their first season's home games at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.  Next year they'll move to their permanent home at the Historic Durham Athletic Park.  The other Triangle universities have much more prominent teams (especially Carolina), but none have digs nearly so cool.  Duke beat NCCU at the DBAP earlier this week.  I wonder if they were more thrilled about playing at the DBAP than they were with their win.

NCCU plays Shaw for a double-header tomorrow in their last home/DBAP game.  If you don't mind the weather, head out.  Seats should be free.  They'll have at least one snack bar open.  No beer, though.

College Baseball Digest has a very nice article on NCCU's return, here at  Baseball returns to NC Central after three decades The Eagles have landed at DBAP

Click here for: NCCU Baseball Home Page.  And click here for: BlackCollegeBaseball.com


Changes at DBAP?  New bull to be visible/legible from both sides (under construction at far left).  And is "The Blue Monster" (see faint paint at bottom of left field wall) something new?  Or did I miss that one from last year?  And of course, the bigass new building, which nicely fills out the horizon.

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Blue Monster was there in 07. Didn't go to any games in 06 so can't say if it was new last year or not.

Posted by: georg | Mar 29, 2008 8:41:27 AM