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Mar 25, 2008

First Annual Downtown Durham Conference -- March 31 at Duke


This will probably be a fine conference (see below for details from the Duke Real Estate Club), but I hope that whoever did the posters isn't hoping for a job with Greenfire.  See alternate spelling of "Lemanski", highlighted above.*

March 31, 2008 -- 1st Annual Downtown Durham Conference -- http://www.DurhamConference.com

The purpose of the Downtown Durham Conference is to foster awareness of the revitalization of downtown Durham. The conference will feature a panel of city leaders, Duke University officials, and real estate developers involved with downtown Durham. The panel discussion will focus on the collaboration of the city, developers, and Duke to rebuild downtown.

The panel will include: 

  • Bill Kalkohf, President of Downtown Durham Inc.
  • Michael Lemanski, Managing Partner of Greenfire Development
  • Andy Rothschild, President of Scientific Properties
  • Patrick Baker, Durham City Manager
  • Mike Woodard, Durham City Councilman
  • Scott Selig, Associate Vice President of Capital Assets at Duke
  • Dr. Phail Wynn, Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs at Duke

The conference will consist of a panel discussion from 7-9 PM followed by a reception. The event will be located at the Love Auditorium, Duke University West Campus. Free parking will be available at the Bryan Center Parking Lot.


*Hooray that they fixed it on the website.  If these folks learn anything in B-school, it's that you need to double-check important documents before they go out...  I won't ask why they put a poster with tear-off strips inside the window of a locked office. 

Thinking back, I can't remember the last time I made a poster with tear-off strips.  What was I selling?  What was I trying to get someone to do?  I'll be happy to never do another.  It's too easy to make mistakes that earn heckling :-)

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When I was doing phone interviews for magazine articles, I would ask the spelling of someone's name even if his name was Jon Smythe.

In the graphic design world, copy is pretty much garbage in, garbage out. Obvious misspellings can be caught, but it's up to the client who provides the copy to spell things right!

Posted by: claire | Mar 25, 2008 9:40:55 PM