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Feb 04, 2008

Martina's Moods in Mexico

Someone at the hostel asked me, "Do you know where Martina is from?"


So of course all things are relative, but let me tell you, Martina can be dour.  She's from Germany, about which she has mixed feelings.  When she's home she spends a lot Cuban and Dominican men who she can dance with.

Yesterday we were walking past some bands at Carnaval (which she constantly mocked throughout the two-hour parade we had just watched), "Well, four more weeks of this.  Then back to Germany.  No more happiness.  No more smiling."

Smiling?  That expression on her face has been "smiling"?!  Dang, I'd hate to wonder what she's like at home.

But in any case, she was talking with one of our Mexican friends who wants to move to the US because there are more opportunities.  Said Martina,

"Don't be like everybody in America and Germany and other places like that -- all confused.  They have too many choices and they don't know what the f*** to do.  Here, people are HAPPY."

The grass is always greener...

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Interestingly timely post from my friend Marc on too many choices...


Posted by: stew | Feb 4, 2008 1:13:51 PM

Happy, but often very poor. Which sucks.

Posted by: Lisa B | Feb 6, 2008 3:11:39 PM