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Feb 16, 2008

Google Street View, Durham NC -- How to Correct Errors

Immersive Media car pic yoinked from Engadget.

As others have noted, the amazing Google Street View is now available for Durham.  And as some have also noted, Google Street View isn't always precise.  Not a big deal for some things, but an annoyance when you want to make it easy for visitors to find/see YOUR house, and not your neighbor's house, three doors down.

Fortunately, it's fixable:

1.  Enter your address at Google Maps.
2.  Click on the edit link near the bottom of the pop-up window.
3.  Follow the directions.

Your change will be immediately (more or less) live in both Google Maps and Google Street View.  I just did this for my old address at 4100 Five Oaks Drive, Durham, and was surprised at the update speed.

You'll need a free Google account of some sort: Gmail works fine.

A couple of odd observations:

1. I can't find a direct link to Google Street View.  You have to get there through their main (and decidedly ugly) maps page at http://maps.google.com. 

2. The Google search folks, brilliant as they are, seem to have goofed something in their algorithm and/or their own SEO.  I wanted to find a Google satellite image of Cleveland, so I entered these search terms:

Cleveland Map Google. 

Google returned bunch of stuff that wasn't their own product, with the only visible link to Google Maps over on the right in the sponsored links column, with a generic link to Google Maps (not even to Cleveland).  D'oh!  So I changed my search entry to just:

Cleveland Map

And Google gave me back exactly what I wanted: a Google Maps entry for Cleveland, on the first AND second lines of their search results.

Go figure.  I tried to make it easier for them with a "Cleveland Map Google" search string, and they made it harder for me.

This reminds me of another computer-"assisted" event from the Ohio region.  Back ~1991, my office-mate David and some colleagues needed to visit Lexington, KY, so they checked the flights at Delta.  The price and schedule were reasonable: a quick flight from RDU to the Delta hub at Cincinnati* (CVG), then a quick connection to LEX.  Out of curiosity, they wondered if they'd save money by flying only to CVG, then renting a car for the leg to LEX.  Believe it or not, the round trip just to CVG cost MORE.  As David said, "They're actually paying us to go to Lexington.  It's like we don't want to go there, but they really wish we would."


*Did you know that the "Cincinnati" (CVG) airport is actually in Kentucky?  Yup.  Click here for SkyGod.com's great article on the history of airport codes.

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I had never heard of google street view. It's so cool! And a bit creepy, I have to admit. I fixed my house. Thanks Phil.

Posted by: stew | Feb 17, 2008 6:37:54 AM

Google Street View has my address slightly wrong, and I'm glad. I have an irrational fear of anyone in the world being able to type in my address and see a photo of my house. Plus, they took the photo when we were in a down phase on yard work, and it looks like hell.

Posted by: Sarah | Feb 17, 2008 10:42:12 PM

About the Delta price discrepancy: it's all about competition. Delta probably had the only direct flights from RDU to CVG and had power to price above cost, charging a premium for the convenience of a direct flight. For RDU to LEX via another city, every airline that served LEX through some other hub was a competitor with comparable convenience. When I lived at a hub (US Airways' Pittsburgh fortress where they controlled 80% of the traffic), I could fly to most of the US non-stop at high prices (compared to similar length flights out of non-hub airports.)

Posted by: glenn | Feb 18, 2008 2:43:01 PM

Wanted to see my childhood home
2110 West Burnett
Louisville, KY.

That entire block is incorrect. Never could find 2110

Posted by: susan elleman | Jul 1, 2009 6:08:10 PM