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Feb 04, 2008

Creature Comforts

Greetings from Mexico where I've been talking with a few Brits today, and one guy from Portugal (loosely tied these days to Brazil).  Which is to say, I'm thinking of the video for Creature Comforts, introduced to me by the beautiful folks at She Said / She Said.

Happily, you can find the whole 5 minute Creature Comforts short at AtomFilms:

AtomFilms.com: Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | Comedy Central
I hope that the video is embedded, above (this is my first try at such). If not, click this link to the video at Atom Films.

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OMG!!! I haven't seen this in years, thank you!

(Except now I'm going to be talking in dorky british accent all day. Damn you, for that.)

Posted by: jennycook | Feb 4, 2008 9:39:14 AM