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Feb 10, 2008

Blogroll -- RDUWTF.com

As we sometimes talk about around here, Durham folks are often reluctant to mix with folks on the Wake side of things.  That's why I'm glad to add RDUWTF to my blogroll.*  At the risk of sounding parochial in exactly the way I don't want to be, let me just say that Robert at RDUWTF would fit in great with my Durham blogging pals.  He hates wanton destruction of old properties, he likes good food (and will drive to Durham to get it), and last summer he did a very nice blog interview with "our" own Endangered Durham. He can even be snarky about local politicians.

From Robert's About page:

There will be much complaining here but we hope to offset those complaints with a recognition of the things in our region that we appreciate. Many of our complaints will be about the disappearance of local character as it faces the wrecking ball of progress. Oh, we aren’t resistant to change! In fact, if you had to give us a label it might be: Modernist but not the Modernism that espouses the timeless and placeless ideal of design. No, we appreciate the things that are rooted here in North Carolina and that are an honest representation of their time and purpose. That state motto on our seal means “To be, rather than to seem” and we think that’s good advice.

So tune on in, 'kay?  And pester him so he keeps writing.


*apologies to fellow Durham bloggers if you've already posted notices about this guy that I've failed to read.

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