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Jan 07, 2008

If You Treat a Cold, it Will Last for Two Weeks...

"If you treat a cold, it will last for two weeks.  If you don't, it will last for fourteen days."

-- quoted by my friend Bill.


I have a cold.  And a big to-do-before-leaving-town list with many items not done.  And a $273.61 charge from Continental for pushing my Mexico trip back by one week.  So long as I don't squander the next few days, I can live with the delay.  Meanwhile, I hope you are all having a germ-free start to 2008.


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I'm in the middle of making homemade chicken noodle soup right now. Wanna come over tomorrow night and have some? I've got a cold from hell also. We can commiserate.

Posted by: Stew | Jan 7, 2008 6:56:04 PM

Zinc lozenges. They taste nasty, but they work... reducing symptom severity, maybe even shaving a day or two off the suffering.

Eat some chicken soup to get the taste out of your mouth.

Carrie and I have been hit hard twice with two different colds this season. You have my sympathy.

Posted by: Barry Campbell | Jan 7, 2008 8:56:49 PM

Thanks, Stew and Barry, for condolences, offers, and advice.

Barry -- I've been pounding one version of the zinc tabs. They don't taste as bad as some others so I wonder if I'm using lower strength. But I'm sucking on them at maximum dosage. I guess the one good thing is that I can't taste much of anything these days.

Oh and for a later post -- I (or one of you or anyone else) should write about the importance of having some buffer space (time/emotions/money/etc.) for when the inevitable debilitating colds come along.

Posted by: Phil | Jan 7, 2008 10:38:27 PM

The zinc tabs I used to take also had a bunch of vitamin C and slippery elm in them. They weren't so much nasty as acidic. They were orange flavored, so I would suck on an orange-flavored antacid tablet at the same time.

Buffer space: my body clearly knows about the idea. I say this because of how many times I've gotten sick around the time that I've taken time off. I could easily be deceiving myself, but it sure as hell seems like my body has repeatedly said "Ok, you can get sick now, because you have the time."

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Jan 7, 2008 11:26:31 PM

My witchdoctor, yogi, vegansexual, soon-to-be-ex wife always put this family on two things the minute a cold hit: Umcka and Kick-Ass Immune. It seemed to help, but who knows.

Posted by: Doc | Jan 8, 2008 1:54:17 AM

Regarding Joe: funny you should mention the stress thing. The Washington Post just had an article on "does being on vacation make you sick?"


Regarding Doc's witchdoc: I've been doing the Umcka but not the K-AI. Like you say, "who knows". I'm a strong believer in the "I'll feel better if I know I'm trying everything, even if none of it actually works".

Lastly, the Neti pot -- which I've used in some variations before but not at the moment. In today's NYTimes:


Posted by: Phil | Jan 8, 2008 2:40:02 PM