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Jan 21, 2008

"Departamentos Amueblados" ["Furnished Apartments"]


Welcome to my home for the next few weeks!  Small and dingy but more than serviceable, with ~180 square feet of bed, desk, cooking space (that's a two-burner gas stove at the far corner), and a combination bathroom/shower.  $170 for one month, including utilities and "cleaning". 

I'm very lucky to have found this place, which is only six doors down from  the Hostel Nómadas where I've enjoyed the last week.  I think I have the best of both worlds, now: a quiet and cheap place to work and sleep, with a great social life just steps away.*

While inquiring, I asked the owner if I could have guests over.  She said, "Bueno. Pero, NO MUJERES!"  ["Sure, but no women!"]

"Let me tell you why," she continued:

Here is the story as interpreted by my new friend David, the hostel manager who was kind enough to help me find this place:

"A couple of years ago, a young lawyer was renting one of my apartments.  One afternoon he brought his girlfriend over.  And then her husband showed up.  With a pistol.  He didn't know which apartment they were in so he came looking for me at the office. 

The first door {like a screen door, but with iron bars for security} was locked, so he couldn't come in.  So he just yelled at me, demanding to know which apartment his wife was in with the [expletive-deleted] lawyer who he was going to kill.  I told him, 'no way, I'm telling you.'

All the while, he was yanking at the door with his left hand while threatening me with the pistol in his right hand.  He had shoved it through the gate so he could wave it around at me with more vigor.  But I am brave. 

I walked closer while we argued and then I struck him in the arm so hard that he dropped the gun onto my living room floor.  After that, he wasn't so tough.  We exchanged a few more words and then he left.  And that's why NO WOMEN."

The owner is a former schoolteacher who retired after working for 70 years.  As the Blues Brothers and now this cuckold know, you don't mess with old schoolteachers.  Still, my heart kind of goes out to the guy.  First, his wife cheats on him.  Then he gets disarmed by a 90-year-old.  That's gotta hurt.


*I found this place after apartment-hunting for four hours all over town with my new friend David, the Hostel Nómadas manager.  The first place we visited was a very pretty little apartment about a half-mile from the town center.  I loved it but wanted to see other places before deciding (you know, there's always something better somewhere else...)  After visiting a few others, it was clear that the first place was the best, so we trotted on back just in time to meet the new people who had snagged it while I was out being fickle. 

Still, I'm glad we saw them all.  I wouldn't appreciate this apartment as much if I hadn't seen how much the other ones cost, or what they were like, or how lonely I'd have likely felt staying in those places that didn't have a great social life on the same block.


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Congrats on the new place, Phil . . . and I love the stories you are picking up along the way. Have you been practicing your Spanish while apartment hunting?

Posted by: Lisa | Jan 22, 2008 2:50:17 AM

You should promise the old broad that you'll only pick up floozies. No married ladies.

Posted by: claire | Jan 28, 2008 9:48:26 PM