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Nov 24, 2007

"What's Your Network Value?"

What's the cash value of your network?  The folks at XING.com (a business social networking resource like LinkedIn) have come up with a methodology that requires but 5 minutes of your time.  Click here: mynetworkvalue.com Oh and mine?  $1,222,000.  High for my age and field.  Hooray for me!  If you are reading this, please send me one dollar :-) Shout out to Barry at enrevanche.com for the link.

In a related thing, pal Dave was recently musing about creating a rating system for your relative social rank on the internet.  Your online social rank would be a function of things like:

  • who you're connected to via social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • who your connections are connected to
  • how many recommendations or positive comments you get
  • how often people visit your profile
  • etc.

How would folks use the ranking system?  I dunno -- maybe to decide who gets an invitation to the hippest parties of the week?  Or good tables at the hottest restaurants? 

(Did you ever see Jay Mohr's great but short-lived show "Action"?  In one scene, the recently disgraced film producer is having trouble getting a table at a restaurant that used to love him.  After Mohr raises a fuss, the maitre-d chastises him, "Remember -- it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!")

Network ranking systems are of course not new (think Google Page Rank) nor are they impossible to game.  My friend Adam just burned a boatload of hours getting himself highly ranked at Gooruze -- a site for online marketers.  Adam may have successfully worked the system, and he even got a $500 award for his efforts.  But who really won?  The jury is still out.

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I actually won $500 from Bizrate once for participating in one of their surveys. I had participated in a bunch of them, but got sick of them and quit. Some time after that, I got a piece of e-mail that I almost threw away, thinking it was spam; it was really their notification that I'd won the money.

No, I didn't join back up. :)

I can see google coming up with some sort of tool for doing a "network value" valuation automatically as part of the social networking interoperability stuff they're going to be doing. But the real value, assuming you can even say that there's a real value, would seem so abstruse that quantifying it seems flighty.

"Action" totally rocks. I have the DVD. I can't believe it ever made it on the air in the first place.

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Nov 25, 2007 12:14:28 AM

That "My Network Value" site is fun, but how do you accurately gauge the number of people in your network and/or how often you maintain contact with them? I don't track that stuff. I guessed. I ended up with $ 376,192, which is more than double the norm for others with my profile. I have no idea how accurate my numbers were, though. None.

That said, Phil, let me just put out there to you what I've said to many others many times: You are the best networker I've ever met. Not only do you KNOW absolutely everyone, but you also avoid any snippet, any whiff of having done so for personal gain. In general when you get people like you who have cultivated a network with such breadth and depth you also get the salesman vibe. The double gun-fingers, wink-wink person. You are the polar opposite of that caricature, but how does that get measured?

Posted by: Stew | Nov 25, 2007 8:44:51 AM