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Nov 05, 2007

Something's In the Kitchen of Mine-a -- A List of 20


Well something's going around these days, and it's not just a cold.  Mr. Dependable's picked upon a thing from Maura (with Celeste* in her comments) and Joe (with Jenny in his comments) -- whatcha got in your kitchen?  Mind you, this time it's consumables, not hardware like Kelly had a couple of weeks ago.

For those who don't know, I don't have a regular home -- I wander around housesitting.  What this means, kitchenwise, is that I try not to buy lots of things I might only use on occasion.  This doesn't mean I succeed -- I've got stuff in my traveling bins that I've hauled through five or more households over the last year.  But I try.

Now all that silliness aside, here's my list of twenty essentials of desire or habit:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Olive oil
  3. Popcorn salt
  4. Cheap light beer
  5. Vegetable oil
  6. Dried chili peppers
  7. Penne or rotini
  8. Garlic
  9. Juice (often the Goya or Jumex nectars)
  10. Soy milk
  11. Unsweetened cereal
  12. Instant coffee or tea (for the caffeine)
  13. Raisins
  14. Fish sauce (brands without sugar, only!!! Several non-sugared brands are available at the amazing Food World at the corner of Lakewood Ave. and Fayetteville Rd.  Regarding the Tiparos fish sauce pictured here, I seem to recall that Tiparos has both sugared and unsugared varieties.  But I'm not sure.  Check the label.)
  15. Vegetable broth
  16. Rice
  17. Broccoli or prepped salad greens
  18. Bread
  19. Hummus
  20. Olives

I tend not to have much more than this, but rely on restaurants and family/friend meals for more interesting foods.  Of course I'm always happy to zip by the store for something special (goat cheese, rosemary, parm) or something fresh (fish, green onions, ginger) if they're needed.  I just hope that I can finish off all the ingredients before I head for the next housesitting gig.  Speaking of which -- I have an opening from mid-December through early January.  Anyone need?


Thanks to Mr. Dependable for the tag.

*OK, Celeste.  We've got you now :-)

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Thanks, Phil, for kindly updating after my snarky moment yesterday. You didn't have to. :)

Posted by: Celeste | Nov 7, 2007 10:22:11 AM

I found cans of Jumex pear nectar on the clearance shelf at Target for eighteen cents apiece. If I wasn't afraid of giving myself diabetes, I would go back and buy the rest. I love all the flavors I've had (strawberry is especially good) but I have a soft spot for pear anything.

And - my sister has been recommending that I buy a jar of coconut oil (it has miraculous health effects, according to the internet) and now that I have it, I don't know what to do with it. She makes popcorn with it, so I might do that soon.

Also - I had hot, baked hummus at Tallula's last week and it was SO GOOD. I would have never thought to serve hummus hot, but it really worked.

Posted by: Pinky | Nov 7, 2007 3:54:52 PM

Hello Pinky -- long time no see!

I think that pears are fantastic for both taste and scent. Oh -- and what the heck -- for texture, too.

One extra special thing about pear anything is that taste and texture can quickly go from "not quite yet" to "ooh, great" to "ooh, differently great", to "bleah!" in a matter of moments, depending on ripening, cooking, etc.

Oh and hot hummus? Oh yeah. I prefer it hot though I've been lazy lately. Cold hummus with warm broccoli. I think that's exactly the opposite of what some others would do.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 7, 2007 9:00:25 PM

My love of pears started young - with those papery brown-skinned pears that are only good when very ripe. Juicy pear is also my favorite flavor of jelly belly. And Jenny gave me a jar of pear merlot jam that was SO GOOD I ate it by itself, I have to admit. I will walk a mile for a ripe pear.

(and I'm still around, just gestating :-))

Posted by: Pinky | Nov 8, 2007 1:55:58 PM