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Nov 07, 2007

New Hope For Durham Calls for Moratorium on Development

Kevin at Bull City Rising has a post today on (among other things) New Hope for Durham's call for a moratorium on development. 

New Hope for Durham's spokesperson Claire Jentsch (who has published a previous letter on Durham zoning at the Archer Pelican) asked me to publish their letter on the moratorium, which I'm including here.  As always, opinions expressed are of the writer, not the Archer Pelican:

Moratorium on Development

On Monday, November 19, at 7 p.m. the Durham City Council has the opportunity to approve or deny a Rezoning Request (Z06-64) to build 308 multi-use residential units off Garrett Road. Our group, newhopefordurham@yahoo.com, is concerned about current and future traffic, pollution, road, and water and school problems due to careless development. Development is obviously degrading our welfare and environment.

Yes, Plan Designs stay within legal guidelines. But a Development does not exist entirely unto itself: It is a piece of the overall Plan for a Collective Good. It needs to be an asset, not a detriment, to the Community. The addition of students to our overcrowded schools, the increase in the number of cars, the widening of roads, the spread of impervious surfaces, the continued pollution of Jordan Lake and the raising of taxes should be given serious attention before a Proposal for yet more construction is considered acceptable.

We are hoping that citizens will attend this Meeting in order to show our elected officials that Development is not a Natural Disaster – it is a Man-made Disaster that can be controlled. Please come on November 19 to City Hall so a Moratorium on Development can begin.

Claire F. Jentsch
Durham, NC 27705

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i can't believe they don't have a blog.

Posted by: Barry | Nov 7, 2007 9:56:49 PM

We do not know how to set up a Blog. Phil's archerpelican and Kevin's bullcityrising have been extra helpful. We are hoping to set a Precedent MONDAY NOVEMBER 19 by having the Council deny, delay or drastically reduce the # of units of the Rezoning Request. Then we will recoup our energy and learn how to set up a Blog, and try to be a part of Durham's efforts to improve our Community. Renovating downtown seems to be on the right track...
Please join us. You can watch City Hall in action, and be part of building the future.

Claire of newhopefordurham@yahoo.com

Posted by: claire Jentsch | Nov 12, 2007 3:31:48 PM