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Oct 06, 2007

Editorial -- Z06-64 Zoning Plan

Editorial posted on behalf of a friend.  Opinions expressed are those of authors, not the Archer Pelican:

‘Orange’ you interested?

We of the Durham Watch (newhopefordurham@yahoo.com) need your help and advice. 

On Monday, October 15, 2007, at 7p.m. the Durham City Council will vote on yet another Rezoning. 

We hope to convince the Council to postpone, or deny, the Proposal. We need lots and lots of people to show up wearing orange to prove to elected officials that we citizens demand sensible development – not urban sprawl and the curse that goes with it.

This particular Plan (Z06-64) embodies all the ills of careless land use.  Citizens will suffer:

1. ECONOMICALLY –housing Prices Drop as roads get very busy and schools get more overcrowded;  and read on
2. DANGEROUS ROADS-increased traffic on Hope Valley and Garrett add risks of accidents and lives; 15-501 is one of the most Dangerous in Durham;
3. POLLUTED WATER/ENVIRONMENT-Jordan Lake Reservoir is on list of “impaired waters” and Cape Fear Standards for Improving Jordan Lake Reservoir have not been passed yet;
4. MORE CROWDED SCHOOLS-The cost for each added child to a trailer is $20,000;
5. EXCESS # OF HOUSES-Our homes are a Big investment in the future and we want them to be prime;
6. LOSS OF HISTORICAL LANDMARK-The Old Garrett House is to be removed;
7. INCREASED TAXES-City of Durham estimates that cleaning up Jordan Lake could cost more than $1.2 billion over a 30 year period (and we’re planning add to the mess…).

Elections are in November so now is the time to set a PRECEDENT with rejection of a very poor Plan that disregards the needs of the community for now and for the future.  It could be the Landmark Decision that brings about some change… We are hoping you have suggestions as to how to contact many people and make a Petition perhaps.

Thank you, Claire F. Jentsch       Stan Bekowski    Helen Fischer

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This is an appropriate location for medium density residential development. It is located between a shopping center and another multifamily residential development. See the planning staff's report on the compliance with setbacks from wetlands and preservation of open space. The development is clustered on the high ground. The old homestead on the site is very picturesque, and I will be sad to see it go, but if development in Durham is not to sprawl all over, then development when it occurs should use the land intensively, and this is similar in intensity to surrounding properties. This is the right location--multifamily with a short walk to a school, a church, and a shopping center.

Posted by: Glenn | Oct 6, 2007 10:23:18 PM

The Z06-64 Rezoning Request is available at:




Posted by: Phil | Oct 6, 2007 11:16:00 PM

Thanks for showing the url to the planning report, Phil. I had included html for a link and it wouldn't show in the preview. I meant to delete the html and leave the url, but I guess I was too aggressive with the delete button.

Posted by: Glenn | Oct 8, 2007 10:16:35 AM