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Oct 08, 2007

Coalition to Unchain Dogs - Durham Benefit Concert October 13


The Coalition to Unchain Dogs will be holding a benefit concert on October 13, 2007 at Durham Central Park. For a $10 donation ($12 at the door), you will enjoy an autumn afternoon on the green grass of Durham Central Park as six wonderful acts fill your ears with music.

About the Coalition to Unchain Dogs (from their website):

Our three-tiered mission:    
1. Raise money and build fences for chained dogs in the community    
2. Provide support to and educate the community as to why chaining is cruel and dangerous and raise awareness of the physical, mental and emotional needs of dogs    
3. Advocate for the passing of laws that disallow or severely restrict the chaining of dogs

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I saw this going on but I was confused as to what the coalition was fighting for. Was it just so that people can walk around town with their dogs off leash?

Posted by: adam schultz | Oct 16, 2007 8:37:13 PM