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Sep 11, 2007

Durham City Council Zoning Decision Meeting -- Monday 15 October


On Monday, October 15, 2007, the Durham City Council will decide on a Zoning Development Plan (Z06-64) that requests a 308 unit multi-family residential on Garrett Road.  As private citizens we want to gather many, many citizens to appear (wearing orange shirts) at City Hall that evening.  The presence of so many voters, constituents, will prove to the Council Members that citizens want a better Plan.

We are mainly concerned that the numerous impervious surfaces, of recent and future developments, damage creeks and streams and, of course, further pollute Jordan Lake.  Since EPA already lists the Lake as “impaired water” now is the time to challenge the course of  heedless construction – residential and commercial.   For much building is being done purposely without waiting for the passage of the Standards for Improving the Quality of the Jordan Lake Reservoir.

We realize that development  will occur.  Nevertheless, it should be committed to the community’s well being.  Endangering water, overcrowding schools and increasing traffic does not support  the needs of the environment and of  the public.   

Any suggestions or support is welcome.

Wear orange to the Meeting!  We can do this as often as we want to express our views and get results!

Contact - Claire Jentsch or Helen Fischer newhopefordurham@yahoo.com

This editorial notice posted at the Archer Pelican on behalf of Claire Jentsch.  Views expressed are of the writers and not the Archer Pelican.

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You know, if I were an engineering major or chemist, the project I'd be spending my time on these days is a water permeable paving material. Someone had to invent gas permeable lenses to save our eyes. Why can't someone come up with a water permeable paving material to save our planet? And why doesn't every single house with a roof and a yard also have an underground cistern where the water from the roof can be collected to water said yard. Less stress on the stormwater system and less stress on the drinking water system. This will all be standard 30 years from now, but why not now. Where are the forward looking planners. Want to zone something? Zone that. Make those things part of the building code. The paving solution is just waiting for someone to invent it, but building homes that collect their own stormwater would be a pretty simple solution now, and probably wouldn't add more than $2-5K to the price of a home. Given the water prices in places like, say, Colorado Springs, you'd recover that in the first three years or less, depending on the size of your yard.

Posted by: Doc | Sep 11, 2007 11:11:14 PM