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Aug 08, 2007

Making_room My journey into hospitality began twenty years ago as I worked with refugees and poor people in my local church.  Even before then, however I had felt specially drawn to people with disabilities and to those troubled folks who simply needed a friend.  I noticed how they were frequently overlooked in the busyness of everyday life and sensed that their invisibility was a loss to everyone.  Often, as my life intertwined with theirs, I found myself enriched and changed.  During those years I did not have access to the vocabulary of hospitality, but I knew intuitively that I had touched on something very important.

...A mystery of hospitality is how often one senses God's presence in the midst of very ordinary activities.  Even in writing on the topic, I frequently found myself walking on holy ground.  Over and over again, I've come to see that in God's remarkable economy, as we make room for hospitality, more room becomes available to us for life, hope, and grace.

-- Christine D. Pohl, in her Preface to Making Room: Recovering Hospitality As a Christian Tradition (1999)

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I was a "hospitality director" in college, but I worked with spoiled touring musicians (finding "vegan cheese soup" in pre-1990 was fairly impossible), not the hungry or homeless.

Posted by: pinky | Aug 9, 2007 4:43:50 PM

Pinky and folks -- I once saw a snarky celeb website that displayed concert hospitality food/drink/catering requests for pop stars like Madonna, the Spice Girls, Counting Crows, etc. The lists were funny (to me, anyway probably just horrifying to Pinky). Does anyone remember where this thing lives?

Posted by: Phil | Aug 9, 2007 5:06:00 PM

Phil, you're looking for the Contract Riders section on The Smoking Gun.

Posted by: Barry Campbell | Aug 10, 2007 2:34:30 AM

Thanks, Barry -- that's it! People, please click. It's funny and interesting.

Posted by: Phil | Aug 12, 2007 10:01:15 PM