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Aug 03, 2007

Main Street Durham, from the Ringside Roof


Main St. Durham (looking west) from the roof at Ringside.

This pic taken on July 4, 2007, ~11 p.m, shortly after the fireworks display at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Two cool things to note:

First, there's actually traffic downtown at night. 

Second, the westbound cars can keep on driving all the way to Brightleaf Square and beyond.  Until a few days earlier, they would have had to turn right on Morris St. because of the screwy block of one-wayness between Morris St. and Great Jones St. (in front of the departed Joe & Jo's).  Things are better now.  Except for getting used to that wacky huge "X" of an intersection.

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You know, I spent a few minutes watching the current Five Points intersection, and have driven through it a few times myself at this point. What I'm wondering is, why the hell didn't they just put a traffic circle there? That's a perfect place for one. You'd still have the lights, but a circle helps people understand how to make a turnoff at a particular spot. We have them all over the place in Annapolis, and once you've done one a couple of times, it makes life much easier. Apparently around here circles are scary.

Posted by: Celeste | Aug 6, 2007 10:49:06 AM