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Jun 22, 2007

El Perro Interplanetario Va A La Taqueria

Now and then you get an authentic Mexican restaurant -- like Taqueria Lopez -- that also has an English language menu.  Most of the time, though, you're stuck unless you know Spanish.  Or unless you've got your handy dandy "Gringo's Guide to Mexican Food Terms", or "Everything You Need to Read a Taqueria Menu", by Dave at DogsInSpace.

Excerpt below.  En todo aquí:

  •      Cemita = sandwich on a fluffy, seeded egg roll  
  •      Chalupa - fried soft corn tortilla, stuffed with various  
  •      Chicharrones - deep fried pork rinds  
  •      Chilaquiles - Fried tortillas, topped with salsa or mole and cheese; typically a breakfast item  
  •      Chilorio - tender pork fried for a long time in chile sauce.


Related:  Calvin Trillin -- who loves Chinese food -- is reputed to carry a small card in his wallet that says, in Chinese, "I'll have what the gentleman at that table is having."

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I love chilaquiles.
Another one you should know is "torta" which is a tasty sammy.

Posted by: Stew | Jun 22, 2007 11:05:58 AM