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Apr 13, 2007

Bull City Rising

Bcr_title New to the blogroll,  "Bull City Rising: Musings, reflections and general gossip for those more inclined to say Durham-Raleigh" by Kevin Davis, Durhamite since 2005, blogging about it since 2006.

From a recent entry, Do They Get Hazard Duty Pay for This?

So I made a bag of popcorn and turned on the tube to watch Monday night's city council meeting. The Herald-Sun covered the main brouhaha of the night, the much-ballyhooed 'cooling off' period for former city employees. Personally, I found the debate to be a rather pointless one -- and a much less concerning matter than, let's say, the brother-in-law of a Council member being selected over city staff's recommendation for a design project.

But then, maybe that's just me.

...Almost four hours later -- although you can only speak for two minutes at a time, if you've got Victoria Peterson and the Hesters in the house speaking two minutes on item after item, things run long -- it's over. Just another night at the City Council. Do councilfolks get hazard duty pay for this?


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