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Mar 12, 2007

Photo Mosaics from AndreaMosaic

A jar of pens and pencils rendered with AndreaMosaic.  Click to increase from fine pt. to medium pt.

I've spent the last few weeks housesitting for my friend Geoff but soon I get the boot.  Today I snapped ~100 pix of things in his house (cabinet doors, the floor, artwork, shoes, family photos, etc.) with hopes of making a fun photomosaic as a memento.

To my happy surprise, there are several freeware programs for making photo mosaics.  AndreaMosaic is the first one I stumbled onto.  Fortunately, it's easy to use and pretty fast.  The one challenge is that photo mosaic outputs can be several MB large, which isn't so great for emailing to friends.  Thus the need for a photo resizer.

There are many options for photo resizing; I use Photo Gadget Picture Resizer (free edition) for most fast resizing tasks.  It rocks.  What's really neat about PGPR is that it's integrated into Windows so instead of importing your photo into some other program (like Photoshop Elements, which you have to wait on while it cranks up), you just right click on the file you want and PGPR shows up in the menu (right between "Open With" and "Send To").

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As a regular user of Andreamosaic, I can tell you another way to reduce the mosaic size--simply put a lower number for how many rows of tiles you want it to be and/or decrease the size of each tile.

Posted by: wynnyelle | Dec 23, 2007 1:46:53 AM