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Mar 01, 2007

I Am The Captain of My Density

Captainobvious_1 Two recent conversations make me worry about my grasp of things:

Conversation 1.  From Tuesday dinner at Starlu with new acquaintances K2 and Ann (along with Joe V., Gina N., and Michael B.)

K2 was a Baltimore native who had done her undergrad work at NCCU.  She mentioned that she returned to Baltimore after graduation, "But then I came back."

Me:  What brought you back to Durham?

K2:  What's the reason anyone comes back to a place?

Me:  [thinking and searching for the obvious answer] local culture? Or just the way some towns get into your into your system and you have to come back?  Or maybe a job, or some community activity like a church or activist group or something? [continuing with blank look while processing...]

Ann:  Was it a guy?

K2:  Yes.  It was a guy.

Me:  [smacks forehead with hand.]

Conversation 2.  At work, in a meeting with biz-partner Adam as we talked about how the best-branded non-profits have Pavlov-programmed us on what to do when we hear their name.

Adam:  Like the Red Cross.  What do we instantly know we're supposed to do when we think about the Red Cross?

Me:  Give money?

Adam:  Um, OK.  But what else?

Me:  Volunteer during a disaster?  Like filling sandbags when the flood waters are rising?

Adam:  Um, OK.  But what else?  You know...

Me:  [blank look]

Adam:  Do....nate....?

Me:  [more blank look]

Adam:  Donate blood?

Me:  Huhn?  Oh, yeah!  Donate blood!

Adam:  [shakes head. sighs]

So who is the more lame marketing consultant?  Adam for assuming I'd get the answer right, or me for being in a different time zone?  Shh...  Don't tell our clients.


"Captain Obvious" image yoinked from this punkfest and/or this funny guy.

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Thank god! I thought I was the only losing my grip as a careen towards 40. My short term memory is so bad I could hide my own Easter eggs. Thanks for making me feel better . . . who are you again?

Posted by: Don | Mar 2, 2007 2:43:07 PM

Oh I like non-obvious responses to obvious questions. It says that you're thinking about the question and not just parroting back whatever you're supposed to say.

Posted by: Sarah | Mar 4, 2007 1:03:06 PM

Poor Don! And hey, who's going to hit 40 first, you or me? My warranty expires on November 10.

Sarah -- thank you for finding a way to spin me positive.

Posted by: Phil | Mar 5, 2007 12:28:08 AM

You will get there first. Let me know how it goes. I will have a couple of months to prepare based on your experiences.

Posted by: Don | Mar 6, 2007 6:52:55 PM