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Dec 24, 2006

MakeItRight, Inc.

Light_bulb How's this for an idea:  MakeItRight, Inc. -- a company that would, for hire, anonymously do the work of making amends for things you've done poorly or wrongly.  Think of it as a third-party confidential version of "My Name is Earl".  Por ejemplo:

Remember when you stole $2 from your 6th grade best friend? MakeItRight will find that long-lost buddy and send him a $50, with an anonymously vague note.  Fee: $250.

How about when you lied at work and ruthlessly trashed another colleague's career while blazing your own way to executive row?  MakeItRight will find a way to re-launch that poor sucker's career into some new stratospheric orbit, without him ever knowing what happened.  Fee: $750,000 (Hey, I said you made it to the top, right?)

So what's the deal with this new "Things I'd Like to See or Do" category?  It's my little spot for airing out my ideas and yens for businesses, gizmos, or general changes to the world that I'd be happy to see but have no plans to actually try (even if they do look feasible.)

In some ways, this category is a way to feed my ADD appetites -- a place to get rid of recurring ideas that require some kind of acknolwedgement before they'll leave me alone.  Enjoy!  (And feel free to volunteer guest blogs.)

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Great idea, Phil! I'm thinking of about three tasks that your business venture could handle for me.

Merry Christmas to you!

Posted by: Lisa | Dec 24, 2006 1:05:33 PM

Now this sounds like a real winner of a business. And to help you get started, I'm forwarding the names of 18 people who have wronged me (that's only a start) - past and present employers, old professors, girls who refused to go out with me - all of whom doubtless have spent the rest of their lives consumed with guilt. I just know they will jump at the opportunity to make amends, and your 10% should be quite a handsome profit. Just be a little patient with them, and don't be fooled by the blank looks as they ask "Who?" when you mention my name.

Posted by: Charles | Dec 25, 2006 9:15:27 PM

Charles points out an interesting angle for marketing: getting mailing list names from the victims, not the perps. Charles, I like the way you think!

And don't worry about the blank looks -- I know guilt-induced memory repression when I see it.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 25, 2006 9:57:07 PM