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Dec 26, 2006

Double Dog Durham Magazine

What I want to see -- a Durham city magazine that focuses on:

  • living & arts (not news)
  • things to do, see, or eat that any middle-income individual would consider affordable, with special  emphasis on things that have zero or nominal cost
  • people and institutions that those things come true, in both eastern and western Durham.

While excluding:

  • articles about "aspirational" activities (e.g., a new polo club!) or purchases (e.g., "inside Durham's   million-dollar homes, with the realtors who sell them")
  • ads for strictly luxury items (e.g., $x,000 jewelry, $50,000 cars)
  • profiles about celebrities (or their wives: e.g., the fifteen501 magazine cover that features wives/SOs of the Carolina Hurricanes.)

I'd like this magazine to launch online and in print, and I'd like the online edition to have exceptionally comprehensive calendar/venue listings (but with brief entries per each).  And I'd like the publisher to make one vicious trespass into editorial territory: any use of the word "prestigious" in connection with an award or membership, etc. will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

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Shall we call it Double Dog Durham then? I like that. ;)

Posted by: Valerie | Dec 31, 2006 5:06:56 PM