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Nov 30, 2006

Your Mother Wears Army Boots, and I Smell of...

68310l Bleah.  I'm sick.

But at least it's not the flu.*

Elderberry extract seems to be the new new thing for dealing with viruses.  I bought some of this Sambu Guard stuff at the Chapel Hill EarthFare.**

Of note, the Sambu Guard tastes pretty decent -- a very rich juiciness that reminds me of the pomegranate juices now on sale almost everywhere.

It's a bad time to be an oxidant, I'd say.  Everybody's against them.

In any case, it's fingers crossed for me that this cold passes quickly!


*I spent 90 minutes and some cash to confirm that, this afternoon, at the clinic.  And thank goodness, too -- -- I'm hosting my mom's 75th birthday party on Saturday and I need to be human.

**no longer open 24 hours a day.  Now open only to midnight.  Which makes a lot of sense.

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Aww! Hope you feel better, soon. Another friend of mine has a cold, too. Here's her blog entry of her home remedy: http://www.heathbar.org/weblog/pivot/entry.php?id=351

Posted by: Celeste Copeland | Nov 30, 2006 9:04:41 AM

My grandma used to make that! It's yummy. I'm also a big believer in the power of a hot toddy, I think basically because it makes you sleep. Cheap whisky, a spoonful of sugar, some lemon juice and some hot water. I hope you recover in time for your mom's party!

Posted by: Marianne | Dec 1, 2006 8:12:50 AM