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Nov 06, 2006

Spare a Guitar, Anyone?

M_claires_guitar My new friend Chris is in the drug and alcohol recovery program at Urban Ministries of Durham.  We had a long lunch today talking about photography and music, and I think I knew what he talking about when he described his favorite book ever: a volume of guitar photographs.

In any case, one of the greatest things that could happen for his health and happiness would be if someone gave him a modest guitar to reconnect him to his musical insides.  I asked what he might like and he said, "a small body steel string acoustic for picking and slide guitar.  Doesn't need to be a fine guitar -- just a working guitar without a warped fretboard"  I told him I'd see if I could find a donor.  Anyone out there with something they'd like to pass on?

Please let me know.  It would be the coolest thing ever to put one back in Chris's hands.


March update.  The bad news is that Chris had a relapse with the addiction problems.  The good news is that although UMD had to release him from their susbstance abuse programs (per the rules they run themselve by), two of the UMD staff are still supporting Chris and helping him "stand up" with his ongoing struggle.  Also good news -- he's still grooving with the guitars and they're keeping him much closer to saneon a daily basis.  Many thanks again to Fik and Carl for coming through with the axe therapy.

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Hey Phil,

Consider it done. I have a steel string acoustic that's only a few years old, but it has been gathering dust ever since I bought an acoustic-electric. It's not all that fancy and I don't have a case for it or anything, but it's clean, unwarped, and very playable. It would make me happy to know that it is being played and enjoyed by someone who loves guitars as much as I do...

Posted by: Fikri | Nov 6, 2006 10:29:35 AM

Fik -- this so fuckin' rocks that I am not going to use any fuckin' euphemisms. Thank you! I can't wait for you to meet Chris and give him the axe (the guitar kind, not the corporate kind.)

And to all -- if you're inspired by this post and also have musical instruments to share, please do contact me. I'll bet there are more people like Chris to be found.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 6, 2006 10:47:05 AM

Dudes of a feather rock together.

Fik's Veronique Diabolique bandmate Carl came up with guitar number two without knowing that Fik had generated guitar number one. Fik and I brought both of them to Chris at UMD this afternoon, and he was just blown away.

Then he played a bit and we said "Yeah!" Did I mention that Chris plays slide guitar with an alternative tuning? Pretty cool.

Of the two guitars, Chris will keep one and will find another worthy recipient for the other. For the time being, the worthy recipient might be one of the UMD staff who had been asking Chris for lessons. Rock does roll -- not just downhill, but uphill as well.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 10, 2006 2:02:47 AM