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Nov 22, 2006

Portrait of the Artist as Phil

Portraitoftheartist598_1 Me, ca. 1993. 

Looking at this pic, today, the long hair doesn't scare me at all.  But the glasses...

I took this self-portrait in my master bathroom suite which I used as a painting studio. I used the towel rack for an easel and the wall for scraping excess paint off my brushes, which explains the pseudo-peacock pictured behind me.

But never mind all that.  Instead, check out yesterday's post with the glamour pic (which no one seemed to notice when I put it up without the full story!).

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Phil, we didn't say anything yesterday because *Cross-Dressing Is OK.* ;)

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Nov 22, 2006 12:34:29 AM

Dude - you look scary in this photo! Very intense facial expression + crazy hair and pointy beard! Plotting to take over the world? :-O

Posted by: Grace | Nov 22, 2006 12:36:17 PM