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Nov 20, 2006

"Endangered Durham" on the web


A local site of note: Endangered Durham by Sven Ryelsdorn. Above pic from same.  Whether or not you agree with Rylesdorn's arguments/comments (like this post on Bill Fields and the Medical Arts Building), I think you'll appreciate that he's writing and documenting. For me, he is at the very least opening my eyes to some issues and questions that I haven't considered before.  I've quoted his "Site Statement", below:

Endangered Durham Site Statement           

I started this site in reaction to the ongoing demolition of historic structures in the city of Durham. I worked from within the Historic Preservation Society of Durham for 5 years to try to save many neighborhood and downtown structures - some successfully, some not. I am no longer affiliated with this organization. I believe that city/county/state policy is very weak in providing avenues for protection of property, and that the city has become particularly aggresssive in destroying such property to 'reduce blight'. There are more creative alternatives.

Given the tiresome stream of Durham boosterism and frequently misguided land use/transportation boondoggles emanating from City Hall and their paid booster organizations, I thought I would start highlighting some of the real land use/transportation problems in downtown Durham and formerly-contiguous neighborhoods, rather than the non-problems they often choose to solve. I periodically highlight some of our copious hangover from Urban Renewal and associated transportation 'improvement' projects, as well as how the ongoing abuse of private property downtown and adjacent neighborhoods by slumlords and speculators affects us all, both in our quality of life and our own property values.

However, I intend this site to be a mixture of education and diatribe. I hope that some of the more purely historical posts will appeal even to people who disagree with my opinions on Durham politics and development.

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I love that site!

Posted by: Marianne | Nov 20, 2006 6:36:57 AM