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Oct 04, 2006

Xiloa -- Central American and Caribbean Cuisine on Ninth St., Durham

Xiloa600_1 "Our food is meant to be filling but not heavy.  And healthy!  You won't need to exercise."

-- the friendly boss (owner?) at Xiloa -- Cuisine of Central America and the Caribbean

Last week I had a late dinner with Philip A. and we enjoyed it.  Lots of vegetarian and vegan entries make for healthy eating so I'm sure I'll be back to try more items. (At left -- one of their standard menu offerings which includes a sampling of five or six items, depending on how you count.)

Healthy food at high speed and moderate prices is something Durham (or, say, America) needs more of, that's for sure. 

I hope they'll do well. A certain blog reader has volunteered to do a website for Xiloa and I'll look forward to linking there just as soon as it's up :-)

Meanwhile, check it out for yourself on Ninth St., a couple of doors from where Bakus used to be (Wait - was that not helpful?  How about "near Bahn's which is at 750 Ninth St."  Better?  You're welcome.  Any time.)

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Oooo. Yummy!

Posted by: Crouching Hamster | Oct 10, 2006 1:21:35 AM