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Oct 03, 2006

"Hey Dad, What Are These?" -- NC Gay Pride Parade

NC Gay Pride Parade -- Durham NC, 30 Sep 06

You knew it was going to happen. 

Half of the parade floats were slinging candy, and the kids in front of me and M. were going nuts.  Halloween four weeks early!  Mom and dad are letting me chase after cars in the street!


But then, well... you know:


"Hey Dad, what are these?"

"Uh, those aren't for eating, son.  Maybe you should give them to me."


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And that answer? Is a pretty age-appropriate one.

Posted by: lastewie | Oct 3, 2006 5:34:11 PM

I ate one. And it was chewy

Posted by: Marianne | Oct 3, 2006 7:32:20 PM

The look on the boy in navy's face is priceless - is THIS what I found in my sister's purse and if so, what is it?

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 4, 2006 9:39:28 AM

Marianne: that actually reminds me of one time teaching sex ed to teens, they asked me what flavored condoms tasted like. I took one out, unwrapped it, and popped the whole thing in my mouth.
MmMMM! Minty!

Posted by: lastewie | Oct 6, 2006 12:01:04 AM