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Sep 01, 2006

The Barbecue Joint, II

AuntienellatthebarbecueAt left, my Auntie Nell.  She came to the US in 1969 when I was two and she was not quite as old as I am now.

Today at The Barbecue Joint in Chapel Hill, Auntie Nell reminded me that I was fussy eater when she first arrived.  "We'd have to say, 'here comes the train, open up the tunnel!'"  (Apparently I used to call it a "tynal".)

In any case, today at The Barbecue Joint we both loved everything -- the beans and bacon, the duck confit salad, and the smoked salmon chowder.

I believe that The Barbecue Joint is now five years old.  I'm glad they're in it for the long haul.  You should be, too.

See here for an earlier review from 2004.  Or better yet, just get your (slow cooked barbecued) butt on over for a meal.

And see here for an interesting NC barbecue website with reviews of several dozen local barbecue restaurants.  And see here for some freaky barbecue pig torture/music/torture.

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