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Sep 13, 2006

Losing (My) Sh*t

Gone These are the days of things gone walkabout, stolen or just plain GONE.

Someone hijacked my eBay/PayPal accounts back in March, so I had to get new checking accounts which of course meant I had to change all my direct drafts (like the one at Nationwide auto insurance).

THEN someone swiped my camera and wallet and checkbook in August so I had to do it all again!  Well at least the second time I had the benefit of experience, right?  So... back to Nationwide.

Visit 1:  I brought my debit card thinking that was enough.  Nope.  Need my checkbook.

Visit 2:  Got there late.

Visit 3:  Got there on time.  Forgot checkbook at home.  D'oh.

Home: Got to my desk and remembered that earlier that morning I had increased efficiency and reduced risk of loss by voiding a check, tearing it out of the checkbook, and putting it into my wallet so I wouldn't have to carry my checkbook with me.  Ensuant: giddy stupid laughter.

Visit 4: Back to Nationwide.  Gave check to agent who pulled up my account and then got a strange look.  The check I brought had the same account number as the one already in her computer.  Huhn?  Had I brought a check from the wrong checkbook -- the one that had just been closed?  No.  Turns out that the bank had already adjusted for the direct draft (through a complicated set of circumstances I sort of recall but won't detail here).  Oh for pity's sake.  More ill laughter.

Before I left, the concerned agent said "Take it easy this afternoon.  Don't try to do too much."  I took her advice.


imaged of Ryan Lowe's new instructional video yoinked from ElmwoodMagic.com.

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