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Sep 04, 2006

Dave and Lorraine's Volleyball Clinic - video!

Sghd807 In case you're wondering about the Samsung SGH-d807, it's really cool.  I got mine last week after my otherwise excellent Sony Ericsson s710a (which took perfectly fine pix like this low light selection) started dying.

Like the Sony Ericsson, the Samsung has a 1.3MP camera that takes stills and videos.  Here's an example from Labor Day at Montara Beach -- a one-take volleyball clinic video with Dave and Lorraine showing them how it's done.

Dave is helping me Bluetooth sync the phone with my calendar, email, and address book.  God bless him if he succeeds.  He got the Bluetooth to do file transfers without much problem -- but also without much speed.  Bleah.  Bluetooth file transfer is important because the phone's cable socket cover is much like a fourth-grader's front tooth waiting to fall off.  Dangling, it remains connected by one strong thread.  But you know it's going to fall off soon, and the wait is excruciating.

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