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Aug 11, 2006


It's always been important to me that I have something in reserve for when I need it.  Time, money, energy, calm, goodwill...  I know I need to keep some in reserve.  Because if I don't, unexpected stresses turn into some kind of spiritual deficit spending.

Not that my life is something to complain about, but I've had a few unexpected negatives in the last few weeks: a car crash, some work things that didn't come out the way I thought they should, and now the "invasion" of having some important things lost/stolen (camera, wallet, etc.) that force me to rearrange.

There's good to come out of all this -- I recognize that.  And (not "but" <g>) there's some bummer, too.  Bummer whose impact needs to be respected.

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AND!!! AND!!

I love "and" and not "but." It shows that we can have two things be true at once, without judging them as right or wrong, good or bad.

If you'd like to partake of my reserve (paltry thought it may be), let me know. I am happy to lend it, interest free. Cause, um, I don't like deficits.

Posted by: Stew | Aug 11, 2006 2:31:08 PM

I'm sorry 'bout the loss of your stuff, Phil! This, too, shall pass.

Maybe this will distract you: I was once very, very upset by the theft of my small pack containing camera, trip journal, etc., while at the Naples train station--but I only permitted myself the train ride from Naples to Venice to be upset, then turned the mission of restocking my stuff into a great way to feel like a Venice native and see aspects of the city I would never have encountered otherwise.

Lemons, lemonade, all that. But the key is that you have to permit yourself the brief space to feel annoyed.

Posted by: Lisa | Aug 12, 2006 9:30:59 PM

When it rains, you get wet: guess who got a pair of speakers stolen out of his van, today? Mmm hmmm. Yep. You've got it!

In other things:

Thanks, Jenny and Lisa -- I do really appreciate your notes.

Lisa -- I'm with you on the lemons and lemonade and limited space to be annoyed. In general, I believe that the amount of space needed varies according to the moment and where my insides are at (along with my reserves) before crap happens. I don't try to control things with a deadline but I am conscious to not let things linger beyond their time (or, worse yet, to feed upon themselves and grow larger!)

Posted by: Phil | Aug 13, 2006 4:12:01 AM