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Aug 03, 2006

Messrs. Vilas and Campbell Have Never Met

But you can please still welcome them here.

Goodjoe_3 The Fallout Shelter is hosted by moved-from-the-west- eventually-to-Durham entity Joe V. who owns more knives than Ron Popeil.  He also sees his southern life from a different angle than most -- which is to say, about fifteen inches higher.

Burger eater, baker, and man about town... he also knows a little something about vintage cars, and a lot about knowing that quirky neighborhoods are reason to rejoice.  But he doesn't much like the heat:

I remember a summer at my grandmother's, when I saw mold grow on the couch without benefit of anything nutritive besides the couch itself and the water from the air. 

When we lived in Wallace, it was usually my job to mow the lawn.  I would usually put it off until like 2, which meant I was mowing during the hottest part of the day.  We did have a room AC on the first floor; I'd close all the doors to that room and turn the AC on high while mowing the lawn.  I'd also buy a quart of Gatorade and put it in the freezer before I started.  Then I'd go out and mow.  When I was done, I'd come in, get the Gatorade, go into the now chilly TV room, and swill the orang-y goodness.  One time, my throat had some sort of bizarre reaction to the temperature extreme and closed up, so I could only take tiny sips. 

Barry_c_1 En Revanche is written by moved-from-Durham -eventually-to-the-north Barry C., my schoolmate from 20+ years ago.  A writer and editor for as long as I've known him, he once recruited me to write a piece for our school's mag The Open Mind.  The one edit I remember was his substitution of "disseminate" (which I had never heard) for my original word which was less precise (if not less accurate). 

Barry continues to write his own material while also bringing us texts from others whom he finds interesting.  By the way for Durham folks: he doesn't live in this West Village.  He lives in that West Village.  A minor (for him) but useful excerpt:

A little tongue action (several tongues, actually)

Beeb has online lessons, free for the asking, in Spanish, French, German and Italian (with shorter courses in Portuguese, Greek, and Chinese) at BBC - Languages.

And if you're studying French or Spanish, there's tons of audio and video for you to practice listening to.

Welcome, fellas.  Thank you for writing.

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Gosh Phil, I don't know what to say -- I'm all choked up. :) Thanks.

Good to run into you the other night. Figuratively, of course. ;)

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Aug 3, 2006 11:14:24 AM

Thanks for the shout-out, Phil.

You have a scary memory about being edited. As a former boss of mine used to say, the strongest drive is not for money, sex, or power... it is one person's need to change another person's copy.

- bc

Posted by: Barry Campbell | Aug 3, 2006 2:34:34 PM