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Jul 22, 2006

Voices and Visions

Fortunes rise
Fortunes fall
In even the shortest
telephone calls.

Just a bit of doggerel to describe the life of a consultant who takes calls from clients with or without money and without or without options :-)

In other things: this week's dreams have been stranger and longer than usual, perhaps due to codeine-induced sleep patterns.  From last night:

  1. a dream in which I became the messiah, or at least something like the Dalai Lama, touching disciples and hanging out with statue-fans at a baseball game. 

  3. a dream in which I evaded a cop by pretending I was a server at the restaurant he was searching.  In this dream, I discovered a new recipe -- a pair of crepes sandwiching flavored rice.

FYI: Both of dreams were influenced by the visuals in Sin City which I viewed (in part) before bedtime.

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I so love dreams. Where else can you have such wacky experiences?

Posted by: lastewie | Jul 22, 2006 8:01:07 PM