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Jun 14, 2006

Dang, I'm Glad I Bought That...

B0000ax7az01a1787xod7q2i4m_scmzzzzzzz_ Lately I've been moving a lot of big things, which makes me appreciate (again and again) my handy hand truck which I bought last year for ~$60.

Other sub-$100 things I'm really glad I've bought:

  • Chinese cleaver ($10 in Chinatown, SFO)
  • Champion C9 wicking/breathing t-shirts and polo shirts ($8-16 at Target)
  • Doc Martens ($10 at Goodwill, barely used)
  • Fix-a-flat ($6 at any C-store)
  • PaperMate blue, medium-point stick pens (~$0.07 in bulk at Staples)

That's all I can remember just now.

What about you?

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Bread machine, $40 from eBay
Truffle Oil, $10
One of those rasp graters from Southern Seasons sale last year (about $15)
Ultimate non-bounce sports bra from Title Nine, I think about $30

But now I realize I want a hand truck just like yours! And it's shiny and red!

Posted by: marianne | Jun 14, 2006 6:22:04 AM

256MB thumb-drive, $59 at CompUSA, about 3 years and 457 near-heart-attack 'where did my presentation go's ago.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 14, 2006 9:04:09 AM

I love my wusthof knives.
I also love my sewing machine.
I love my heating pad to sleep with in the winter when I freeze.
OOOh Oooh Ooooh! I love my cast iron pans. And they were cheap: like $7 at Roses. And I have seasoned them until they glow with blackness on the surface. LOVE THEM.

Emily likes her salad spinner. And her kitchen aid stand mixer. (as do i, but I don't use it like she does. She is the WOMAN when it comes to baking.)

And I love Em's belly. But I didn't buy that.

Posted by: stew | Jun 14, 2006 3:01:21 PM

the things i haven't bought, that i love...
grandma's quilts - they got wet when my apartment flooded today. damn rain
kitchen aid stand mixer - from my mother
concrete donkey statue - from my grandma's yard
photo collection picture frame - from my daughter
underwear - from my finacee
a love of girls that work at citgo - phil

Posted by: pubic hair in my braces | Jun 14, 2006 3:36:21 PM

PHIMB -- funny I was just driving by that Citgo this weekend. Forgot to think about Emily, though. Oh no! Maybe I'm over her? Or maybe just repressing.

Sorry about your flooding, man. I hope that the rest of your items didn't get wet.

Re: Dave's thumb drive -- is it true what they say about a guy with big thumbs?

I should also list all the things I've ever received for free that I've really really loved. Many among them from Dave: a 1996 Honda Civic EX, a couple of pairs of Banana Republic pants, a pair of shorts (wearing them now), and at least one other important thing I can't remember. From Goodwill or other thrift stores: a knife block, some Cutco knives, an electric knife sharpener, one or two jackets and coats. From Hal: more Cutco knives. From Keith: a recliner.

Other things for free -- many bits of advice or odd tips. Too many to list here at the moment...

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14, 2006 11:02:32 PM

Marianne -- you're welcome to my hand truck and van anytime, but FYI -- my hand truck is a nice dark green. The red one is just a 'zample from the internet.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14, 2006 11:03:20 PM

I would say that I was happy that I bought legitimacy for my car today, in the form of paying off property taxes and an emissions fine and renewing my sticker, but that actually came to well over $100. However, I am glad that bitching on the Internet about it is still free.

Posted by: Jerry | Jun 16, 2006 1:25:51 AM

Something I bought three years ago and am still glad of: handy kitchen-size stepladder, about $15-20 from Lowe's. It's great for those shelves that are just out of reach, and also for hanging pictures, refilling the birdfeeder, and other random house chores for which I'm too short on my own.

Posted by: Grace | Jun 22, 2006 4:49:40 PM