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May 31, 2006

Frozen Treats for Happy Pups

Heyman440 "Hey man, can't a dog eat in peace?"

Paris may have Berthillon and Cambridge may have Toscanini's.* But we've got LocoPops.**  And LocoPops has frozen treats*** in chicken and beef for happy pups -- all proceeds to, um, I can't remember.  But it's a group that does nice things for animals.

This puparazzi pic from Monday's first birthday party for LocoPops, which raised more than $1300 for Durham's Habitat for Humanity (now under new management, which is a great thing).  The Carolina Chocolate Drops provided ass-kicking entertainment and if you were there I wouldn't need to tell you.


*If you were in Durham in the late 80s, you might remember Rossini's, an ice cream place spun out from Toscanini's to land in what is now  Nice Price Books on Broad St.  Sharon M. once took me to Toscanini's and said, "start counting [the original features cloned south]" as soon as we walked in the door.  There were many.  Some day I may write about the unfortunate anti-relationship between Rossini's and Steve's ice cream way back when.

**Today's N&O has an article about LocoPops.

***Said product could use a good name.  "LocoPups" and "Pupsicles" are taken.  And did you know that "Popsicles" is also trademarked?

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The obvious name would be Perropops (dog pops) or Bichopops (creature pops).

Phil, I totally meant to go Monday and forgot all about it. Boo!

Posted by: lastewie | May 31, 2006 6:33:15 AM

Good Humor has evidently made Locopops stop using the brand name "Popsicle" in the Locopops window.

Posted by: ray hammer and popsicle ubinger | May 31, 2006 10:05:00 AM

Ah, Tosci's...by the end of my 10+ year tenure on the vocational school campus near them, they had changed a few features, making the shop less immediately recognizable as a Rossini's relative, but they also opened a storefront in the student center, so who's complaining?

Out here in the 'burbs, we go out for ice cream where the cows are.

Posted by: Sharon | Jun 2, 2006 10:54:09 AM

The proceeds from the pupsicles go to the Animal Protection Society of Durham (www.apsofdurham.org)

Posted by: seth vidal | Jun 2, 2006 12:16:23 PM

KB once took me to get a rootbeer float at Rossinis.
Have you ever gone wafting down the Eno?
xoxox Mandy, who had a two hour spontaneous chat with Dr. Miller on Friday

Posted by: Mandy | Jun 5, 2006 6:22:27 AM

Seth -- thanks for the info.

Mandy -- Holy cats, you're reading my blog?! Happy happy me. By coincidence, I saw Dr. Miller on Ninth St. today. Didn't talk, though -- I was driving and he was walking.

And no, I haven't yet gone wafting but will one day meet your River Dave. And thanks for getting me on that inflatable with you on the Haw those years ago. Love, Me.

Posted by: Phil | Jun 5, 2006 11:46:12 PM

Mandy -- Also, happy anniversary sometime around now!

Posted by: Phil | Jun 14, 2006 11:05:38 PM

Just found this entry while looking for a site to link to for LocoPops. Great blog!

Posted by: Ellen | Aug 19, 2007 11:44:33 PM

Just found this entry while looking for a site to link to for LocoPops. Great blog!

Posted by: Ellen | Aug 19, 2007 11:45:01 PM