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Sep 02, 2005

Kitchen Renovation


This is my pal Tom hauling a refrigerator up the stairs (with a little help from the Lowe's guy, below).

At right, you can see what used to be a closet and what's going to be my kitchen.  Hot damn.

Thank you again to folks who gave tips on moving.  Among the key items I've been following:

1) Let the movers move everything.  (And, by extention, let contractors and friends-with-skills* do all the architectural/electrical/furniture changing).

2) Pack and label critical items separately.

In a week or two this blogland will return to a broader palette of topics, but for now -- moving is all I know about.  Hal is holding up well despite the insanity.  Drugs are helping everyone.


*Napoleon Dynamite is not part of this crew.

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