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Aug 16, 2005

Marianne, Keen of Scots

Marianne can tell you many things of music and more.

But for today's introductory quote: an excerpt from her Myths about the Scottish and Scotland, Part II.

I bet you know a song about that

I think people think I grew up in a bothy* playing the fiddle and singing about the events of the day. Suprisingly enough, these were probably much the same as your average American teenager's daily events - crushes, exams, avoiding gym and how many calories I ate. Not when the herring fleet is coming back, or how my new tartan is coming along, or should I cook my porridge for one overnight or two. I have a neighbor who always asks me this no matter what the circumstances are: 'Hey Marianne, I see it's the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima - I bet you know a song about that'. I don't.

*"bothy" -- see comments.  Originally I incorrected it to "both". -- Phil

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Yay! I'm quotable! That makes my day! I feel I should clarify one thing though; the place I didn't grow up in is a bothy (which is basically a small rural Scottish home). The typo is dangerously close to 'brothel', which, I hasten to add, I also didn't grow up in.

Posted by: Marianne | Aug 16, 2005 7:14:40 AM